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Seasonal and local products at high altitude

At Restaurant 2309 you will find an Italian chef, a skilled expert in traditional mountain cuisine, who will delight you with dishes of unmistakable flavor, made from fresh produce. Consequently, the menus will be varied and follow the course of the seasons, keeping as constant the desire to give you a culinary experience through the flavors of mountain cuisine.

Fresh hand-rolled pasta, game from the area, cured meats and cheeses from the Alps. And more: game ragout - venison, wild boar or chamois - prepared according to the tradition of the area, polenta and fondue and much more. Not forgetting the tempting desserts of Engadine tradition and the wide selection of wines from the cellar.

A cuisine that, by virtue of hospitality as its main value, knows how to adapt to the needs and requirements of its guests, offering vegetarian, vegan, celiac, intolerant and athlete alternatives.

An authentic culinary experience to which is added a sensational view from the restaurant's windows. Indeed, you can admire the Bernina Pass, with the Sassal Masone peak on your left and the Cambrena glacier on your right. Unmistakable flavors and breathtaking views at 2309 meters above sea level.

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